Entertainment & Special Event Equipment

From boom lifts and generators to light towers and forklifts, Sunbelt Rentals can provide cost-effective, comprehensive solutions for any film, TV, sporting, or special event challenge. With our industry knowledge and experience across the major entertainment markets, we serve as a partner who knows how to support large productions nationwide.

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Event Planning Supplies & Equipment Solutions

At Sunbelt Rentals, we realize that production work and special events require an understanding of the entertainment industry’s unique obstacles – strict timelines and budgets, sound management, height and terrain restrictions, and much more. We can provide access to a full suite of equipment and services, delivered to you when and where you need them.

Equipment solutions can be provided to assist with the following for entertainment and special event needs:

Aerial Work Platforms (AWP)

Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of manlifts, scissorlifts, and forklifts to help you safely reach heights up to 185 feet. Whether working in confined spaces or on uneven surfaces, we have the aerial equipment needed for convenient and versatile access on any elevated job, like aerial filming. 

Portable Event Air Conditioning

No matter the scale of your production or event, we can equip you with the appropriate external air conditioning unit to keep guests and crew comfortable and cool inside tents or buildings. Designed and constructed for ease of operation and mobility, our air handlers and air chillers efficiently cool large areas. With the ability to direct cool air to precise locations, our spot cooling portable air conditioners are ideal for small area coverage.

Power Generation & Distribution

From intimate events to large-scale productions, we can engineer customized power generation strategies to suit any setting. Backed by a wide variety of distribution panels and generator accessories, our expansive line of portable, towable, and movie set and event generators can support your power needs.  

Event Lighting and Light Towers

Whether brightening up a soundstage or illuminating an outdoor event, Sunbelt Rentals offers a broad inventory of diesel-powered and solar towable special event light towers suitable for a range of environments. With options that illuminate up to seven acres and allow for 60 hours of continuous operation, our vertical and horizontal mast units are compact and easy to transport.

Utility Vehicles

Available in two, four, and six-seat options, our industrial and utility vehicles are reliable, durable, and energy efficient. Ideal for hauling cargo or transporting people, these units offer outstanding performance on any terrain.


From industrial warehouse to shooting boom and straight mast rough-terrain units, Sunbelt Rentals can supply your entertainment project with forklifts to make even the heaviest lifting job bearable.


Featured Entertainment & Special Event Case Studies

The Big Game of 2019

Put us in, Coach. The Sunbelt Rentals team doesn’t skip a beat executing plays.

Large Sporting Event

Sunbelt Rentals Provides More than Equipment for Large-Scale Sporting Event

Red Wings Hockey Arena

Sunbelt Rentals Towers Used to Build Red Wings Hockey Arena

Movie Set Pump Job

On the set — Behind the scenes of special effects production



Scaffold Services

Sunbelt Rentals Scaffold Services provides a full range of scaffolding products to solve all of your vertical and horizontal access needs with complete design, erection, and dismantle services.

Scaffold Services
Tier 4

To reduce our carbon footprint, Sunbelt Rentals is introducing a significant amount of Tier 4 equipment to our fleet. We have also expanded our investment beyond diesel-powered products to nationally improve air quality.

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Delivery & Pickup

We can deliver and pickup your rental equipment at your convenience, saving you the time and the hassle. With more than 825 locations, we’re sure to have one close by to support any last-minute requests you may have.

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Reach the Heights you Need

Whether working in confined spaces or on uneven surfaces, Sunbelt Rentals offers a wide range of scissor lifts, articulating manlifts, rough terrain lifts, and straight boom manlifts to help you safely reach heights of 185’.

Working at Height

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