Equipment Rentals for Parties

Planning an outdoor party that requires a sizable tent or other creative venue isn’t something most of us do very often. Count on Sunbelt Rentals to make sure you have the right equipment to make your event shine.

By providing a range of party equipment rentals, we can help keep your guests feeling comfortable during the day and your celebration powered throughout the night. Our generators, heaters, air conditioners, and lighting solutions can ensure your party is the talk of the town – for all the right reasons. Let us help you bring your outdoor party to life. Get a free quote from us today! Or, learn more about our rentals for events, and weddings.

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Rent Generators, Heaters, and Air Conditioners for your Party

Tents, tables, and chairs. These are the essentials you’ll need for your outdoor party. But if you’re aiming to host a get-together that’s more than “standard,” all it takes is just a few pieces of party rental equipment for power, heat, air conditioning, and lighting. You’ll also gain peace of mind knowing you have rental equipment that will run safely during your event.


Your event needs power, whether it’s used to keep the bounce house inflated or power the DJ’s equipment, our team can help you easily rent a generator to do so. All of the portable inverter generators we rent for parties are safe for outdoor use. They come equipped with super-quiet mufflers, so they provide the power you want without the noise. If you’re thinking of renting a generator for your party and need help selecting the one that’s right for your event, feel free to contact us.

Portable Event Air Conditioning

Don’t take the chance that your outdoor party venue will be stifling on a hot day. Rent a party tent air conditioner from Sunbelt Rentals to keep your guests cool. Our lineup of air conditioner unit rentals can cool and dehumidify outdoor tents up to 10,000 square feet. If you need help selecting the party tent air conditioner that’s right for your event, we’ll be happy to assist.

Portable Heaters

If it’s cold outside, renting a portable heater for your party is a must. Our efficient outdoor patio radiant heater rental is the perfect party pick. It not only provides 360 degrees of adjustable heat, but it’s also super quiet – so guests will be able to feel their toes and hear their conversations. To view our selection of electric heater rental options that are also safe and suitable for outdoor parties, including those that can heat spaces up to 11,000 square feet or more, click here.

Event Lighting

Create a special mood or ambiance with lighting for your outdoor party. Choose from our wide selection of lighting solutions that are safe and effective in keeping your celebration going long into the night. View our lighting rental options to see what works best for you, or contact us if you need help choosing.

The Sunbelt Promise


Renting dependable equipment from us for your outdoor party will be the easiest part of your planning. We promise the necessary equipment is available and reliable, and we’ll make renting it easy. Our staff will help you make the right selections, and you can count on us for 24/7 support for outdoor party equipment rentals – even in an emergency. We can be on-site within one hour, if necessary.

No-Hassle Delivery & Pickup


We make renting from us super easy by delivering your equipment within one hour of your promised delivery time. We’ll then pick it up at your convenience. At Sunbelt Rentals, we’re here to help you save time and hassle. That way, you have fewer things to worry about, and you can actually enjoy the party you worked so hard to plan.


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