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Cat Class: 210-0001


The Slide Rail system is designed to work with a small crew and mid-sized equipment for installation and is a great choice when working on access challenged sites. Our slide rail system is easily installed using the “dig and push” method, which saves time on installation by allowing excavation while the system is being installed. This shoring system is flexible, with a variety of panel sizes, and is made up of five basic components: corner posts, spreader posts, panels, spreader beams and roller beams to handle a wide variety of designs.

• Solid support for trench walls and adjacent structures
• Less restoration since the system is installed from the top down and removed from the bottom up
• Panels that are lifted separately as the trench is backfilled and compacted
• Vertical movement of spreader for greater access and clearance via the rolling spreader frame
• External walers, which can eliminate sacrificial or spreader beams in applications where clear excavations are required
• Smooth panels that are easily installed and removed – ideal for remediation, tank and other routine excavation projects

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Safety & Training

It is very important that you are properly trained when using this equipment. You are required to wear all the manufacturer's recommended safety equipment, review all safe operation manuals and decals, and observe all safety precautions when utilizing tools and operating equipment.

Operator/User assumes all responsibility for the use, care, and inspection of this equipment and your Personal Protective Equipment.

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Safety Requirements

  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Shoes

Rental Protection Plan

Ensure your peace of mind with the additional coverage provided by Sunbelt Rentals' Rental Protection Plan.

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Expert Product Support

Your focus is getting things done. Whether you're familiar with Slide Rail or not, Sunbelt experts are here when you need them for Sliderail support. No matter the issue, a solution is a phone call away to your local Sunbelt support team.

High Quality Performance

Sunbelt Rentals equipment is maintained to ensure it's ready for your job. Rent Sliderail with confidence from Sunbelt Rentals. If anything goes wrong with your Sliderail Rental, we guarantee a working replacement on-site within hours.


The Sunbelt Promise

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